The “At Spilve Airport” Aviation Festival will take place from the 20th – 21st August


During the Rīga Festival on the 20th and 21st August, the "Rīgas nami" LLC is inviting the people of Rīga and their guests to the "At Spilve Airport" Aviation Festival. During the event it will be possible to view National Armed Forces' air and ground military equipment, civil aviation aeroplanes, as well as to visit the Spilve Airport's historical building.

Visitors to the Aviation Festival will be able to see the National Armed Forces' Air Force aviation base's and ground military equipment, as well as the Armed Forces' Mi - 2 and Mi - 17 helicopters. The Mi - 17 helicopter's maximum speed is 250 km/h and it can carry 24 passengers, whereas the Mi- 2 helicopter's maximum speed is 210 km/h, with a carrying capacity of 6 passengers.

The An - 2 "Colt" aeroplane, with a maximum speed of 250km/h and a carrying capacity of 12 passengers, will also be on view.

A unique exhibit, which will be displayed especially for the Aviation Festival is legendary Latvian aeroplane constructor Kārlis Irbītis' designed I - 12 aeroplanes, which was built in 1937. K. Irbītis gained the Grand Prize in Paris with this plane, and in the summer of 1937 took part in the English "King Cup Race" competition with the I-12 and gained 1st place, in this way gaining international recognition for the I-12. He set a number of records with this plane which was built at the VEF factory.

For the first time in many years Festival visitors will be able to visit the historical Spilve Airport building which was built in 1954 to architect S. Vorobjovs' plan. The airport building's interior is decorated with a number of frescoes, monumental columns, an ornate chandelier and the ceilings are covered with ornamental decorations. Visitors will also have an opportunity to find out about Spilve Airport's operations at the time when passengers flew from Spilve Airport, as well as to watch a short documentary about aviation. In the future it's planned to create the Latvian Aviation Museum in this building.

Spilve Airport, previously called - Spilve Air Port or Rīga Air Port (1928-1940), later Rīga Central Airport, was Rīga's main airport until the opening of "Rīga Airport" in 1975, and it continues to have a role in Latvia's aviation field. Currently Spilve Airport caters mainly for private flights and the needs of pilot school training flights. Nowadays only planes which don't exceed a weight of 5.7 t are allowed to use the airport.

Various sideshows and amusements will be provided for Festival visitors. Visitors will be provided with parking next to the airport, as well as fast and convenient access into the event site. A buffet will be operating during the event.

Event times: 20th August, 10am - 8pm
21st August, 10am - 6pm



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