Losses to tourism sector in Liepaja


Lack of knowledge, insecurity and vandalism plague coast

The reduction of financing to the provision of safety in the country has created a negative image of Latvia abroad, causing losses to the local tourism, note tourism specialists. Monta Krafte, manager of the Liepaja Region Tourism Information Office, says that recently two foreign travellers inquired whether it was safe to go to the local beach, which shows that tourists do not feel secure in Latvia. Krafte also points out that due to the growth in the number of unemployed, more and more cases of vandalism have occurred in Liepaja – two picnic sites at the War Port (Karosta) adjacent to the northern forts and other recreational sites in Liepaja have been destroyed, causing financial losses to the city. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Liepaja say that the local police are rather passive, admitting that they do not feel safe any more.

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