Old Riga to see three new hotels this summer


“Luxury” Dome Hotel & SPA and others due to open in June

Another new hotel, the Dome Hotel & SPA, will open in Old Riga this June. LVL 2.5 million (EUR 3.57 million) has been invested in the hotel and its spa centre, the owner being the company Baltijas Dizaina Viesnicas, established in 2004. Fifteen “deluxe” rooms will be available, and the spa centre, including massage salon, sauna and hairdressers, will be located at the top floor of the building. It is the company’s first hotel, but the owners feel sure that their main competitors will be 5-star hotels. Nevertheless, they also point out their intention to cooperate with other hotels to promote Latvia as a destination for both leisure and business travellers. They add that they have plans to expand their hotel business throughout Eastern Europe. According to Santa Graikste, executive director of the Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, as many as three new high-level hotels are preparing for openings in Old Riga this summer. The Old Town is, after all, the country’s most prominent tourist attraction, she explains, so despite the fact that the hotels are opening in a challenging period they should be able to welcome a large number of tourists and turn in a very respectable profit.


Dienas Bizness, 2009-04-29

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