airBaltic shareholders choose new council


Travel industry professionals and economists on council

The shareholders of the stock company airBaltic Corporation chose a new council on April 6. The new members are Edmunds Krastiņs, a well-known economist who has been a member of the airBaltic council since 1995; Arnis Muiznieks, the long-serving head of the Aviation Department of Latvia’s Transportation Ministry and a member of the airBaltic council since 1995; Daiga Falkane, deputy director of the State Tourism Development Agency; Ilmars Razumovskis, who holds a doctorate in economics and has been a member of the airBaltic council since February 2008; and Jean-Charles Korsak, a citizen of Luxembourg who is Head of Project and Technology Evaluation in the Future Projects Office of Airbus. The latter two individuals represent SIA Baltijas Aviacijas Sistemas, the second largest shareholder in airBaltic. The council chairperson and deputy chairperson will be chosen at the new council’s first meeting. Krastiņs, Muiznieks and Razumovskis were members of the previous council, along with Inga Pelsa and Krisjanis Peters. Edmunds Krastiņs was the former council’s chairman.


Stand By News, 2009-04-20

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