airBaltic to compensate passengers who lose jobs


Airline to refund cost of tickets bought before unemployed status

The Latvian national airline airBaltic has announced that it will refund the full cost of economy-class tickets to passengers who have lost their jobs between the purchase of the ticket and the date of the planned flight. The new rules apply to economy tickets bought after April 16 by airBaltic passengers who are residents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. “We see that people are increasingly becoming unemployed in the Baltic States, and we must be understanding in terms of coming toward our passengers by compensating them for the money that they’ve spent on tickets,” said Bertolt Flick, airBaltic’s president and executive director. airBaltic clients should visit an airBaltic office, where, on presenting the relevant documents about the status of unemployment from any of the three countries’ employment agencies, they will be able to receive compensation.


Stand By News, 2009-04-17

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