Marco Man Band(MMB) - Professional and showy drive band!


We play anywhere! Just leave the driving to us! MMB repertoire is from Elvis to contemporary show and dance music. It’s not unusual to hear MMB playing Bon Jovi cover and then jumping straight to Willie Nelson song! We love to keep our musical scale as wide as possible. Something to everybody! MMB started in the beginning of 2007. Very vision-ful musician Janis Retenais wanted to put up his dreamband! The face of the MMB is Marco Ojala(Finland).The other members are the top of the cream in Latvia!

To Contact us :
+37129408752 Jānis Retenais
+37126403201 Marko Ojala
Records Of the Band:

Marco Ojala - leading vocal, the rhythm guitar

Marco is permanently living in Latvia since 2000. A big fan of freedom in every aspect! That’s why it is no wonder that he left the art music behind and focused to his ‘first love’ ROCK`N ROLL! (where it should have always been!) However he made all the grades at the music institutes and academies and could be running lessons for youngsters anywhere if he wanted. He has played together with the most popular Latvian top musicians and is very happy of the great welcome he has received in Latvia as ‘outsider’coming from Finland!

Janis Retenais – The Bass guitar, tuba and harmony singing

At the top front on latvian music-scene is standing well known character and musician, as well as associate professor of the Latvian Music Academy and  long-time runner of the famous Latvian C&W band ‘DAKOTA’. Working long hours in different music colleges and taking care of the musical education of teenagers and young adults. Well known member in the chamber and symphony orchestras in Riga, a few to mention; Shady Brass Q ,Latvian National Symphony orchestra). Highly in demand as a studio musician and has recorded for all of latvian celebrities. The author and the dynamic leader of the MMB. Enthutistic person, who always takes care of the programmes so that you know, they will be ready to go before the showtime!

Igors Noskovs – Keyboards

One of the most talented keyboardist in Latvia. A long timer in music world of Latvia. He is well known in many recordings for latvian celebrities like: N.Rutulis, A. Krauze, G. Meijers, N. Jakusonoks, Dakota etc. And for participating in countless productions like ‘New Age’,’Dakota’, ‘Rebel’ and ‘Hitmakers’ etc.

Arturs Zemnieks – The Leadguitar

The ‘new blood’ straight from Aizkraukle city limits! A great guitar hurricane and virtuoso who has his own distinctive style and original mojo tone! Also known as a popular institutor in music college world.

Ilvars Manfelds – The Drums

He comes from Latvian rock city Aizpute! Since kid he always wanted to be on stage banging the drums. Has been participating in countless projects just few to mention; ‘Neptuns’ and ‘Dakota’and ‘Livi’.Also wanted drummer as a guest star for many latvian celebrities like; K. Bindemanis,U.Roze, Saxophone quartet‘NEXT’etc.

Gundars Lintins – Percussions, harmony singing

Holding the unofficial record in tv gigs! All the top shows in Latvia television, and guess who is sitting on the drums or taking care of bongoes and shakers? You got it right. It is no less than mighty might Gundars! He is mostly oriented for rock and jazz, but what comes to styles, you name it- he plays it! Some of the productions he has ‘the magic Gundars beat’ on it; J. Romanowsky Big Band, Art rock band ‘Studio’, Jelgavas Dixiland, ‘New Age’,’Rebel’,’Mitrockin Master Band, Dakota, ‘Credo’ and ‘Jam orchestra’.

Latest news

2009-04-16 TIC stays closed in Latvian village
2009-04-16 New company Hotel Textiles established
2009-04-16 Madonna to attract 30,000 tourists to Tallinn
2009-04-16 Hotels propose property tax solution
2009-04-16 airBaltic to Refund Ticket Price for Passengers Who Lose Job
2009-04-15 Sea of flowers to lure tourists to Vecgulbene
2009-04-15 Guides speak out against churches in disrepair
2009-04-15 First fall in Jurmala guest numbers in years
2009-04-15 Business travel expenditure in Latvia down 70%

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