Flights from Vilnius may be affected by flyLAL troubles


Although the troubled Lithuanian airline flyLAL and Vilnius International Airport signed a “temporary agreement” at the end of last year, this contract may be cancelled imminently. According to unofficial data cited by Kauno Diena, travel agencies are advising clients not to book tickets for flyLAL flights. If the agreement between flyLAL and the airport is cancelled, the number of direct flights from Vilnius to many foreign countries will drastically decrease. In such a case, a significant part of the passenger flows will have to be diverted to other airports. Tourists are seriously concerned about flyLAL's problems, especially since the carrier is a general partner of the country's two biggest tour operators, Novaturas and Tez Tour. These two companies claim, however, that tourists would not be affected.


Kauno Diena, 2009-01-07

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