Estonian Air urges passengers to check in online


Estonian Air has said that its customers have had the possibility to check in online on its website for over a month now and that not enough are doing so. In addition to the usual check-in desks, check-in kiosks are also available at Tallinn Airport. However, in the first weeks of November about 2 percent of all passengers were using online check-in and the figure has only slightly risen during December. Customers with e-tickets can check in online on Estonian Air’s Internet site for all Estonian Air regular flights departing from Tallinn, Kuressaare or Brussels. Online check-in, the airline stresses, is fast, simple and convenient, allowing passengers to also choose a seat, quote a EuroBonus card and print out the boarding card. “Taking into account that 70 percent of the Estonian population is using Internet on a regular basis, the potential number of online service users is very high,“ said Ilona Eskelinen, Estonian Air’s public relations director. “However, the majority of travellers still prefer traditional services with direct communication with the ground staff. Customers need to be encouraged to use new services. So Estonian Air personnel are assisting customers at Tallinn Airport to use the check-in kiosks and this has helped us to raise the number of users. Online check-in is as simple as booking a ticket. All the steps for online check-in are described in a plain way, so we encourage people to try it.“


Stand By News, 2008-12-12

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