Occupancy wavers in Estonian hotel market


The number of hotel rooms in Estonia has grown faster than the number of tourists, so this summer at least no one should be left without accommodation in the country’s major cities. At the moment, it is easy to get a room at the Hotel Draakoni in Tartu, at the Hotel Delfine, the Rannahotell or the Ammende Villa in Parnu, at Kalvi Manor or at the Hotel Narva. Domestic tourism has started facing limitations due to the decelerating economy and the result is a testing time for places of accommodation. Kaja Uppin, director of the Hotel Susi on the Peterburi Road in Tallinn, says that the number of guests there in the first five months was slightly lower than the same period last year. Occupancy at the Nordic Hotel Forum, which opened in central Tallinn six months ago, was 61 percent in May – not much below hotels that have been in operation in Tallinn for a long period already, according to its director Feliks Magus. The head of sales and marketing at Saaremaa Spa Hotels, Frey-Christian Fernelius, says that his company has fared quite well as its three hotels’ occupancy grew by 20 percent year-on-year. Aivar Soerd, who manages Tallink’s hotels, has detected a trend to make holiday decisions at the last moment; a large proportion of bookings are being made only two weeks or even less before the stay. Occupancy at the Go Hotel Shnelli in Tallinn has been a little higher this year than last year, but as the competition is fi

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