Estonia could be marketing as “land of witchcraft”


The Estonian government intends to pay nearly EEK 800 million (EUR 50 million) in benefits to cultural attractions that could bring more tourists to Estonia. The foundation Enterprise Estonia has approximately EEK 1.6 billion to distribute on marketing the country abroad until 2013. This article mentions a blog called “Eks ta ole”, which offers an exciting angle on the solution: to declare energy fields as the greatest tourist attraction in Estonia, so that the country will be marketed as a land of witchcraft. Esoteric maps of Estonia could be prepared with the places of residence of the most famous witches, and instead of high and low geographical topography, colours could be used to indicate positive and negative energy fields. Rocks once used for pagan sacrifice and small bodies of water where you can throw silver coins (which could be bought at the airport’s currency exchanges, for example) and make a wish.

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