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Estonia plans to spend EEK 150 million (EUR 9.9 million) on promoting itself to potential travellers over the next five years. Experts estimate that the biggest PR campaign this country has ever seen will be successful, if done properly. Eesti Ekspress says that a tender organised by Enterprise Estonia is taking place to find three international companies that will create advertising worth EEK 90 million in at least nine European countries. In order to attract Scandinavian spa and other tourists once again, street campaigns will not be sufficient, says Tiit Pruuli, chairman of the supervisory board of the travel agency Go Travel. He thinks that immersion in Internet travel websites and “making use of local opinion leaders” should be aimed at instead. For example, Hannes Hanso, counsellor to the minister of finance, says that he would start promoting Saaremaa. He says that catching fish in some of the lakes and inlets there early in the morning is the experience of a lifetime. Hanso also recommends promoting lesser-known parts of Estonia like the northeast where Narva, Narva-Joesuu, the limestone coast and Kohtla mining museum are highly attractive, as well as canoe and barge trips in the southeast.

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