Tallinn to invest in multiple yacht harbours


At the moment there are places available on Tallinn’s quay for up to 370 yachts, a number that is substantially less than Helsinki, but if all goes according to plan then in a few years’ time the Estonian capital could get a total of 1,500 yacht moorings. Not only is the Kakumae yacht harbour planned for the Haabersti district of Tallinn, a detailed plan has also been submitted for the Merirahu harbour close by. Another harbour for small boats and yachts is planned at Kalasadam and the city has planned major harbour areas in Paljassaare as well. According to Sander Kaus, a representative of the Kakumae development, this harbour will be able to cater for 250 yachts and should be completed by 2011, in time for the festive events when Tallinn becomes European Capital of Culture. According to Kaus, the advantage of harbours being built in western Tallinn as opposed to Pirita is the better location – the way is less open to ferry and shipping traffic and therefore easier to navigate rather than be caught up in the wakes of big boats.

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