Four Kings’ Path to open with fire signals


The new 160 km Four Kings’ Path (Nelja Kuninga tee) goes through three rural municipalities in Estonia and is dedicated to the 665th anniversary of the St George’s Night Uprising, when the indigenous Estonian-speaking population rose up against foreign, mainly German, rulers. The route follows a journey made by four Estonian chiefs or kings who participated in the 1343 uprising and who, accompanied by three servant-soldiers, rode out to negotiate with the German Order but were executed by them. Castles and fort hills, the Estonians’ ancient hiding places and locations linked with the uprising are situated along the route, which leads from Padise to Paide via Varbola, Raikkula, Juuru, Kuimetsa and Vahastu. On Sunday evening at nine, fires will be lit at each of these locations. The fires will show that the path is open and will symbolize the spiritual journey of Estonians.

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