Lithuanians complain it’s too expensive at home


Rima Jakyte, head of the Information, Analysis and Control Unit at the Lithuanian State Tourism Department, says that more and more locals are unwilling to spend their long weekends in Lithuania. Hotels in Druskininkai and Palanga receive a large number of Lithuanian guests, but these seem to be the exception rather than the rule. The Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association claims that in a few years the highly seasonal rural accommodation businesses located further away from the cities or those that fail to adapt to change will start to withdraw from the business. Instead, Lithuanians now prefer cheap flights to Europe rather than breaks in Lithuania, where rural accommodation owners have increased their prices by around 15 percent this year on average.typo3/DOCUME~1/zane_mi/LOCALS~1/Temp/Tourism-Lithuania_Media_Review_20080425.htm#toc


Verslo Zinios, 2008-04-28

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