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The most visited countries were Latvia (13.2 percent), Germany (13.2 percent), Belarus (13.1 percent), Russia (12 percent), and Poland (7.7 percent). The number of trips to Latvia, Poland and Russia decreased by 36 percent, 30 percent and 21 percent, respectively. Of the outgoing total, 70.5 percent of Lithuanian tourists indicated a vacation as the main reason for travel. Others left the country on business or for professional education.Tour operators provided services to 253,500 Lithuanian tourists. Meanwhile, the number of Lithuanians travelling around the own country increased by 2.2 percent to 970,700. They spent LTL 420.5 million (EUR 122 million), or 31.7 percent more compared to 2006. Specialists say this shows that Lithuanians are growing more interested in the history and culture of their country. Despite inflationary pressures, improving living standards are expected to further encourage domestic tourism.


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