Tallinn, city of amber and vodka


Tourists visiting Tallinn often leave with an amber necklace or a matryoshka doll. Finns, on the other hand, still opt for alcohol as their most demanded souvenir. Even though the city government organized a souvenir campaign a few years ago, it was not successful and the windows of the souvenir and gift shops in the Old Town are still crammed with everything except souvenirs of Estonian origin. By the end of 2007 there were 85 souvenir and handicraft shops in the Old Town, nine of which are owned by the city itself. As for the city-owned sales space and street space that the city has chosen to rent out, it could be determined what kind of merchandise to sell there and what not to sell. Meanwhile, the total sales of all kinds of souvenirs, including those of Estonian origin, decreased last year.

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