Aussie Specialist Programme


Reval Hotels will also open two new hotels in 2008, keeping it ahead of the competition. Another hotel will be established on Slokas Street. New hotels are being built in the regions as well; for example, Gulbene will have a large conference centre with 400 places.

Latest news

2008-03-07 Vivattur 2008 presents Lithuania's varied options
2008-03-07 fly LAL aims at 1 million pax in 2008
2008-03-07 Come here, German tourists!
2008-03-07 airBaltic to Launch Direct Flights from Riga to Norrköping
2008-03-06 Regarding completion of reorganisation of SIA „SALIENA GOLF”
2008-03-04 airBaltic Opens Regional Office in Liepaja
2008-03-03 Tour operators insist the trend is upwards
2008-03-03 Skyways to launch Parnu-Stockholm route
2008-03-03 Aussie Specialist Programme

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