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Sanitex, Lithuania's largest distribution and logistics company, may soon become the sole owner of flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines. The Lithuanian Competition Council has given its approval to Sanitex to take over the airline by acquiring up to 100% of the shares.

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2008-02-18 Vilnius underground tunnels remain a mystery
2008-02-18 Novaturas aims for 36% rise in turnover
2008-02-18 More hotels in Latvia fight over less tourists
2008-02-18 Estonia to better promote domestic tourism
2008-02-18 flyLAL sends letter to airBaltic
2008-02-18 Estonia embarks on major publicity campaign
2008-02-14 WELCOME TO TOUREST 2008!
2008-02-14 Changes in the Course of the 4th International Workshop for Young Composers Dundaga 2008
2008-02-11 airBaltic in January carried 34% more passengers than last year

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