airBaltic to Expand Network of Routes in Mediterranean, Scandinavian and Eastern Direction


During the summer of 2008, airBaltic plans to offer flights from Riga to Venice (Italy), Nice (France), Ålesund (Norway), Billund (Denmark), Sochi (Russia), Yerevan (Armenia), Kishinev (Moldova), Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Kuopio (Finland). New routes from Vilnius will include Paris (France), Simferopol and Odessa (Ukraine). As passenger demand increases, airBaltic will increase the number of flights from Riga to Berlin (up to 3 times a day), Paris (7 times a week), Rome (5 times a week), Oulu (4 times a week), Vilnius (up to 4 times a day), Tbilisi (5 times a week), Odessa (7 times a week), Liepaja (17 times a week) and others. The number of flights from Vilnius will be increased to Milan (5 times a week) and Berlin (5 times a week).

Bertolt Flick, President and CEO of airBaltic, comments: “We will continue to expand our network of routes in eastern countries in the summer of 2008, while in Scandinavia we will be offering flights to regional centres. We are already strong in terms of flights to capital cities. We are delighted to open up new routes in the Mediterranean region, allowing Baltic travellers to visit places where there is more sun, beautiful beaches and lovely opportunities for leisure.”

Departures from Riga 
Price from (LVL)*
Venice (Italy) 1, 5 32.00
Nice (France) 1, 4, 6 32.00
Ålesund (Norway) 4, 7 17.00
Billund (Denmark) 4, 7 17.00
Sochi (Russia) 3, 6 32.00
Yerevan (Armenia) 2, 4, 7 52.00
Kishinev (Moldova) 1, 3, 5 52.00
Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) 4, 7 102.00
Kuopio (Finland) 2, 4, 7 17.00

Destination Departures from Vilnius Price from (LTL)*
Paris (France) 1, 3, 5 165.00
Simferopol (Ukraine) 3, 5, 7 165.00
Odessa (Ukraine) 1, 3, 5, 7 165.00

During the summer of 2008, airBaltic will open 9 new routes from Riga airport and overall will operate flights already to 48 destinations. airBaltic will offer 3 new destinations from Vilius and provide flights already on 22 routes. During the summer of 2007, airBaltic opened 11 new routes from Riga and 7 new routes from Vilnius. The Latvian airline airBaltic during 2007 transported a total of 2,007,150 passengers, or 41% more than in 2006, when the total number of airBaltic passengers reached 1,425,276.

airBaltic in brief:
AIR BALTIC CORPORATION (airBaltic) is a joint-stock company established in 1995. Main shareholders: the state of Latvia 52.6% of stocks, SAS AB – 47.2% of stocks. airBaltic fleet consists of  twenty one aircraft: ten Boeing 737 – 500, three Boeing 737-300 and eight Fokker 50. airBaltic offers direct flights out of two capital cities of the Baltic States - Riga and Vilnius, and offers direct flights between Kaliningrad and Copenhagen, Liepaja and Hamburg, and Liepaja and Copenhagen.

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