airBaltic to Separate Luggage Charge From Fare


The president and CEO of airBaltic, Bertolt Flick:  "airBaltic has lowered fares consistently since 2002.  In Latvia over those five years, our average fares have seen an inflation-adjusted decrease of 50%.  Separating luggage charges from the fare is an excellent way for passengers to save money if they wish to travel just with hand luggage, as opposed to bags that must be checked in. With short weekend trips becoming such a ubiquitous trend, there are increasing numbers of such passengers."

The luggage charge of LVL 3 (EUR 4.5, LTL 15) will be available to passengers who book their ticket online at www.airbaltic.com.  The last-minute charge at airports will be LVL 5 (EUR 7, LTL 25).

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