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flyLAL gets invitation to join SkyTeam

flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines has received an invitation to become an associate member of the international alliance SkyTeam.

Market leaders at VNO remain unchanged

The latest passenger turnover results at Vilnius International Airport, for February, show that the top five remain virtually unchanged. airBaltic takes first place with 35.4%, then come flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines (32.6%), Aurela (7.9%) and Czech Airlines (5%).

airBaltic to Have the Largest Fleet Expansion in the Baltic Region

Riga, March 10. Over the next three years, the Latvian airline airBaltic will acquire new aircraft, experiencing the largest fleet expansion in the company’s history.

Vivattur 2008 presents Lithuania's varied options

Lithuania presented its tourist attractions at Vivattur 2008, which took place at Litexpo in Vilnius from 29 February to 2 March. The fact that Vilnius is European City of Culture 2009, will definitely attract more tourists next year.

fly LAL aims at 1 million pax in 2008

In the first two months of the year, fly LAL-Lithuanian Airlines flew 85,000 passengers, or 24.3% more compared to January and February last year (68,400).

Aussie Specialist Programme

A lot of new hotels will be built in Riga in the near future, for example on Raina Boulevard. The Nordic Hotel Bellevue will open its doors on 20 April, and in two years another 4-star Nordic Hotel, the Jekaba, will open.

Come here, German tourists!

Estonia is being sold using the keyword “Baltic” at ITB, the largest tourism fair in Europe which has started in Berlin. Representatives from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia all equally praise the beautiful nature, rich cultural life and good options for organising business tourism in their countries. The head of the Estonian Tourism Development Centre, Tarmo Mutso, excited some of the audience at a press conference by mentioning winter season skating and “swamp hikes”.

airBaltic to Launch Direct Flights from Riga to Norrköping

Riga, March 7. On April 30 of this year, the Latvian airline airBaltic will begin to offer direct flights from Riga to the Swedish city of Norrköping. During the summer season, this will be the 47th route offered by airBaltic from Riga. Altogether, the airline plans 10 new destinations from Riga during the summer of 2008.

Regarding completion of reorganisation of SIA „SALIENA GOLF”

Riga, March 6. March 4th, 2008. As the result of reorganisation SIA „SALIENA GOLF” has been merged into SIA „SALIENA”

airBaltic Opens Regional Office in Liepaja

Riga, March 4. Representatives of the Latvian airline airBaltic, led by the airline’s president and CEO, Bertolt Flick, opened a regional office at the “Romas darzs” business centre in Liepaja. This makes the airline’s services more easily available to people in the Latvian region of Kurzeme and in the north-western regions of Lithuania.

Tour operators insist the trend is upwards

The biggest tour operators in Lithuania assure that despite the threats of a possible drop in consumption the volume of outgoing tourism will continue to grow in the future. The number of clients is increasing and Lithuanians plan and buy full travel packages in advance.

Skyways to launch Parnu-Stockholm route

From the end of May, Swedish aviation enterprise Skyways will start flying between Parnu and Stockholm. Parnu's spas will sell some of the seats as part of their packages, some will be offered by Skyways as regular tickets.

Aussie Specialist Programme

IATA demands that e-tickets be used exclusively from three months from now within the entire aviation sector.

Private sector in Lithuania willing to promote the country

Lithuania's income from incoming tourism in the first nine months of 2007 rose by 9.8%. The figure grew mainly on the back of those who spent more on business trips.

Panevezys bids for importance in national tourism

As a part of the Lithuanian Tourism Development Programme for 2007-2010, proposals by the Panevezys county administration on including local tourist attractions in national tourism routes have been taken into consideration.

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