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MEP directs frustration at airline

airBaltic aircraft failure leaves passengers sleeping at airport

Schlossle surprises with special anniversary menu

Dishes and prices that were on the menu 10 years will rise again

Aussie Specialist Programme

Newly expanded airport gets new eateries in different zones

airBaltic to Launch Direct Flights to Ventspils

Riga, April 7. The Latvian airline airBaltic will launch regularly scheduled flights to Ventspils on April 11 of this year. Initially airBaltic will fly to Ventspils twice a day on weekdays.

Hotel restored after 20 years

Reval Hotel Neris is opening

Tallink to buy a hotel enterprise from Hanschmidt

Tallink’s subsidiary will buy an enterprise

New routes offered from Vilnius and Riga

flyLAL and airBaltic draw attention to new routes

Kaunas advised to improve tourism infrastructure

airBaltic and Kaunas Airoprt heads pay a visit to Kaunas City HQ

Conference on tourism in Kurzeme held

Development of tourism in Latvian region in spotlight

Aussie Specialist Programme

Three programs of support include vital funds for tourism

More tourists, higher prices?

European Capital of Culture offers golden opportunity to Vilnius travel trade

Experts evaluate tunnel to Helsinki

Several billion euros would have to be found to fund the project

Many new travel agencies opening in Riga

The last year or two have been boom time for the outbound market

TLL complies with Schengen standards

Tallinn Airport given all-clear after hasty extension project

Aussie Specialist Programme

Lithuanian tourists spent LTL 2.9 billion (EUR 0.84 billion) while travelling abroad in 2007, 13.1 percent more than in 2006. The flow of people going abroad decreased by 9 percent to 1.3 million, according to this article.

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