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Too many beds in the countryside

Lithuanian rural tourist accommodation reaches saturation point

Tallinn to invest in multiple yacht harbours

City will be able to host up to 1,500 yachts at a time, but will there be so many?

Latvia ponders how to better please tourists

Tourist board director says that first-time visitors must be tempted to return

Early-morning aircraft malfunctions in Vilnius

Tallinn-bound Fokker breaks down leaving passengers angry

Tallink taxi fleet ready for action

Tallink Takso will offer comparative luxury and hefty prices

Liepaja’s Swan Lake to be renovated

Coastal city looks to renovate key potential tourist attraction

Latgale TIC director speaks out

Internet information can never replace personal advice at a TIC, she says

Sports arena buys hotel for athletes

Vidzeme Olympic Centre buys Hotel Naktsmajas for EUR 1.7 million

Way of the Golden Hands launched in Latgale

Visitors to eastern Latvia can try their hand at traditional crafts

Hotels Bergs and Promenade join prestigious network

Small Luxury Hotels of the World network to provide more power in face of competition

flyLAL launches e-insurance service

Airline aims to sell electronic travel insurance to 25% of passengers

Promotion of Latvia abroad is assessed

Latvia’s business and tourism agencies’ efficiency examined

Rural accommodation hit by credit crunch

Deepening economic decline is a blow for domestic tourism

New hotel in potentially dangerous area

Newspaper warns that Dodo Hotel is not in an upmarket part of Riga

Hunters demand quality rural tourism services

Elk, roe and wild boar are in demand, wolves and lynx are not

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