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flyLAL’s ambitions keep on growing

Lithuanian airline aims to become fastest growing airline in Baltics

Lithuania selects its country brand

Time-consuming process to find national logo ends... almost decisively

Tez Tour and Novaturas add fuel tax

Prices for outgoing travel packages in Lithuania rise by EUR 30

Ability to adapt is valuable among guest houses

Economic hard times will weed out the less adaptable players

Beautiful countryside highlighted in newspaper poll

Online respondents say Estonian nature should be used to lure more tourists

Poor understanding about cycling tourism

Although demand for cycling is big in Latvia, cyclists face obstacles

Estonia could be marketing as “land of witchcraft”

Internet blog suggests that Enterprise Estonia sell country as esoteric centre

Range of outdoor activities grows slowly in Latvia

Wider range of nationalities coming, but not much for them to do

Record number of cruise tourists to visit Estonia

As many as 370,000 people to visit Tallinn on cruises in 2008

airBaltic ready to launch Riga-Sochi

Scheduled flights are due to be renewed on June 18

New Hotel Dorpat conference centre opens

By August, its owners claim, capacity will increase to 1,300 people

City rich in entrepreneurs struggles with municipality

Tourism in Kaunas is growing rapidly, but other developments are slow

How can a country be better promoted?

Estonia prepares to spend EUR 10 million and use local opinion leaders

Dispute between Tez Tour and Aurela continues

Tez Tour demands compensation in response to earlier court ruling

Liepaja Naval Port Prison opens new season

Audio guides and spy games are on menu of prison possibilities

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