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Vilnius misses golden years of popularity

Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and cafés suffering in Lithuanian capital

Era of bankruptcies starts in Old Town

Lithuanian capital’s central Pilies Street suffering badly

Laulasmaa Spa Hotel threatened with bankruptcy

Proceedings launched against hotel with almost 100 employees

Passengers scramble to find alternative travel plans

flyLAL clients angry they weren’t informed quickly about airline’s fate

Estonia seeks solace in small rise in incoming

Industry takes heart in increase in visits from neighbouring countries

Vilnius in trouble over flight cuts

Number of destinations from Vilnius drastically reduced

Economic gloom bites for Latvian restaurants

Survival time for restaurants, Association survey concludes

Riga City Council fully privatizes Reho

All shares given to owner of Hotel de Rome and Konventa Seta

Two Riga hotels bought for EUR 3.43 million

Entrepreneur buys Riga Student Hostel and Hotel Enkurs

airBaltic and Aurela repay debts to airport

But flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines’ debt remains outstanding

Construction of Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel uncertain

European funds ruled out for infrastructure project feasibility study

Latvian PM: state could cover hotel losses

Godmanis concedes compensation is possible for contracts signed last year

State security service takes interest in flyLAL deal

Transport minister does not rule out blocking the sale

Who is behind the Swiss phantom?

Rumours swirl about flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines’ mysterious buyer

Welsh police help Latvian colleagues deal with tourists

UK and Latvian police officers work together to control stag groups

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