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Action needed to put Vilnius back in touch with Europe

Private sector urges government to set up alternative infrastructure

Hotel companies keep it in the family

Board changes named on Enterprise Register in Riga hotel company

flyLAL to continue to pursue lawsuit against airBaltic

flyLAL files bankruptcy application but hasn’t finished with former rival

Latvia to compensate some VAT losses for hotels

Compensation concerns contracts signed in 2008 for action in 2009

"Surprising" new brand slogan for Estonia

Enterprise Estonia outlines ideas behind new marketing concept

Last-minute interest expressed in flyLAL

China's Hainan Airlines submits inquiry to Ministry of Transport

flyLAL still waiting for miracle buyer

Indebted airline waits until final moment before filing for bankruptcy

airBaltic tickets go up in price in Lithuania

Association of travel agents says ticket prices are on the rise

Riga grows closer to Europe leaving Vilnius behind

Decision to invest in three airports may leave Lithuania with nothing

Lithuanian authorities rush to fill aviation vacuum

String of airlines allegedly being considered after flyLAL’s collapse

Estonian Air could take position at Vilnius Airport

Lithuania and SAS discuss ways to fill hole left by flyLAL

Air France, KLM and Delta introduce joint sales contracts

Move symbolizes strong alliance between Air France and Delta Air Lines

Lithuania reaches out at MATKA 2009

Attention on coastal attractions and Capital of Culture events

Ministry to investigate recent flyLAL asset transfer

Companies owned by or related to flyLAL Group under suspicion

Profitable bankruptcy for flyLAL-Lithuanian Airlines?

Source tells newspaper that bankruptcy was planned well in advance

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