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Hopes of air traffic revival in Vilnius “naive”

Experts say Lithuanian aviation market will stay down for some time

Most journeys Latvians make are for less than a day

Latvian made 3.5 million journeys in 2008, most of which covered a day

Latvia expects inflation to turn to deflation

But prices for tourism services and hotels still increasing

Tourists shocked by Lithuanian ticket inspectors

Embassy in London forced to warn against aggressive inspections

Prime minister tries to soften airBaltic’s blow

Latvian PM finds visit to Lithuania dominated by airline’s decision

Lithuanians grow impatient for new air routes

Growing evidence of “impotence” of Lithuanian authorities

airBaltic in March carried 3% more passengers than last year

Latvian airline airBaltic carried 175,539 passengers in March 2009, or 3% more than in the same month in 2008, when airBaltic transported 171,210 passengers.

CSA posts 2008 pre-tax profit of EUR 17.2 million

Good price expected insale of Czech Airlines later in 2009

Demand for travel in Russia weakens

Sheremetyevo Airport sees 17% less traffic in February

Latvia thinks moment is right to lure Russians

Latvia to open up to Russian tourists without need for invitations

RIX third fastest growing airport in Europe

January 2009 figures show 10.3% more people used Riga airport

Suspicious behaviour targeted at airports

Tougher anti-terror screenings implemented at US airports

Germany forecasts drop in incoming tourism

German National Tourist Board expects 2% fall in 2009

Marriott rated highest in international poll

“Most admired” hotel companies rated according to nine criteria

Airlines suffer from premium segment slump

Revenues from business and first-class tickets down by a quarter

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