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Estonian Air plans meeting on Tartu-Stockholm route

Regular flights between Stockholm and Tartu likely this autumn

Lithuania concludes that "image" cash was wasted

EUR 18.26 million spent but Lithuania still has no image

Marco Man Band(MMB) - Professional and showy drive band!

The musical co-production MMB is taking care of your ball-room’s musical direction, private parties, smokey bar-rooms etc.

TIC stays closed in Latvian village

New tourist information centre opened in Rauna last year

New company Hotel Textiles established

Economic crisis a test period for all business activities

Madonna to attract 30,000 tourists to Tallinn

Accommodation capacity barely has room for half this number

Hotels propose property tax solution

Hotels in Lithuania want to be given choice of calculation

airBaltic to Refund Ticket Price for Passengers Who Lose Job

The Latvian national airline airBaltic has announced that it will refund the full cost of economy class tickets to passengers who have lost their jobs between the purchase of the ticket and the date of the planned flight.

Sea of flowers to lure tourists to Vecgulbene

Greenhouses built for “most successful new tourism product”

Guides speak out against churches in disrepair

Statement urges public to stop further neglect in Vilnius

First fall in Jurmala guest numbers in years

Hotel guest numbers tumble by as much as a fifth

Business travel expenditure in Latvia down 70%

Latvian office of Kaleva Travel presents statistical report

Windows of hotel rooms dark in Tallinn

Estonian capital now has Europe’s cheapest hotel prices

Cheaper holidays with an unnamed investor

New company Star Holidays has serious outbound plans

Estonian Air will see dip in revenues of 15-30%

Two principal development scenarios foreseen until 2011

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