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Latvian National Opera

Opera. Strong traditions in opera and ballet in Riga date back at least to the time when Richard Wagner conducted the opera in the Riga City Theatre, precursor to the current Latvian National Opera which was founded in 1918. Latvian National Opera has received high critical acclaim from leading opera critics around the world. Many of its soloists have performed at the world's greatest opera houses under world-famous conductors. Some of the best known names are Elina Garanca, Egils Silins, Aleksandr Antonenko, Inga Kalna, and Maija Kovalevska. The performances often feature world-class guest soloists and conductors. If however opera is not your cup of tea, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an excellent ballet in the home town of Mikhail Baryshnikov and Maris Liepa.


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