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Art Noveau District

The boom of the flamboyant Art Noveau style in architecture (late 19th – early 20th century) coincided with one of the most dynamic periods of urban development in Riga’s history. The result of it is that today Riga is often mentioned in the same line with Barcelona, Vienna and Krakow as a showpiece of this style. There are over 800 Art Noveau buildings in Riga. Some remarkable examples can be found in the Old Town but you will have to leave its confines to see the best of it. Elizabetes abd Alberta streets contain some of the most fantastic looking buildings designed by local architects such as Mikhail Eisenstein, Eižens Laube and others. If you like Art Noveau, you will certainly enjoy a visit to Riga Art Noveau Museum (12 Alberta str.) which also preserves its authentic interior of 1903.


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