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Bicycle touring

Bicycle touring is cycling over long distances – prioritizing pleasure and endurance over utility or speed. Touring can range from single day 'supported' rides — e.g., rides to benefit charities — where provisions are available to riders at stops along the route, to multi-day trips with solo or group riders carrying all necessary equipment, tools, food, and clothing.

Bicycle touring is one of the most environmentally friendly sport there is and it is very good for your health as it trains your endurance and builds muscles and it is a great way to lose weight!

Also bicycle touring is fun and really enjoyable when you find the right places to drive.

In Latvia there aren’t many of specialized bike lanes, so it’s more up to the driver to find the right path.

However you don’t have to look further than any nearby forest or typical sidewalk, also an excellent place where to go bicycle riding is Jurmala. The wet and solid sand near the water guarantee that you won’t have to struggle with your bike through the thick, dry sand. The fresh air from the see will give a nice feeling too.

Surely bicycle riding is one of the easiest and most fun sports to do in your free time relaxing with your friends or family.

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