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Riga nightlife

The Riga nightlife is considered one of the best in Eastern Europe. With each year more and more tourists are coming to Riga not only to see the beautiful Old Town, but also to hit the exciting nightlife.

There is a high concentration of clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes in the Old Town, so that everybody can find something for their taste.

Many of the places in summer offer terraces and outside seating with comfortable sofas for complete relaxation. For example, the open air musical restaurant in Dome square „No Problem” or the outside cafes in Livu square.

For delicious food and nice atmosphere visit restaurants like Skyline, for excellent night out visit Riga clubs.

A recently renovated Coyote Fly is one of the best places to dance and relax, also clubs like Pussy Lounge, Scandal, Essential, Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta and others. You certainly will be satisfied with Riga nightlife!

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