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Water sports

Water sport

Recreation on and off the water is so popular because of its calming and relaxing effect on mood, as well as the diverse possibilities water recreation offers. There are a number of sports and time spending ways both relaxing and extreme.

- Sailing by surfboard
- Sailing skills acquisition (by boat)
- Trips by yacht
- Trips by boat
- Trips by motorboat
- Trips by jet-skis
- Trips by water bikes
- Kiteboard
- Bladder behind motorboat
- Surfing
- Sky Ski
- Wakeboarding
- Wakeskate
- Windsurfing

Even more popular activity, especially, when good weather like in summer, becomes boating. In latvia the most popular place where to boat is on the beautiful river Gauja. It offers not only great waters for differnt kinds of boats, but also great views and breath-taking sights. The most common path where to boat is from town Cesis to Sigulda. It is also very comfortable, since water tourists don’t have to think about where to sleep, because Gauja National Park offers special installed places where boaters can stay for the night. Usually a ride lasts for 2 – 3 days. The rent price for one boat varies from 20 to 40 lats, which depends on the path chosen.

For more information about paths, rentals and prices, visit http://www.gaujas-laivas.lv/canoe_boats/

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