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Cheese tasting

Ancestral traditions keeper Lilija Banite offers an interesting and delicious tasting of 5 different types of cheese, which are made according to ancient Latvian recipes. The cheese plate contains The White cheese, St. John's cheese with caraway seeds, The Yellow cheese as well as the famous smoked cheese with / without garlic. After the tasting is the opportunity to purchase any of the cheeses. The participation fee for tasting - LVL 1.00 per person.
There is also an opportunity to participate in environmentally clean product tasting with rural butter, cottage cheese, sour cream and real rural milk. Entry fee LVL 2.00 per person. Tasting can be arranged in the Naujene Local History museum’s ethnographic exposition called "Wealthy Farmer's room". Pre-application (at least 5 days before) mandatory.

Naujene Local History museum
Skolas Street 1 b, Naujenes village
Tel. +371 29468988 + 371 26532508
Hostess Lilija Banite
+ 371 26064624

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